Sanctuary Renovation FAQ

Our sanctuary is in dire need of some general upgrades including electrical, audio, house and platform lighting as well as video. The decision was made to pay for these upgrades to the sanctuary with available funds so that no loans will be utilized. Working with the architecture firm, Pryor and Morrow, the entire project has been divided into phases which will each be contracted as money is available. 

The total cost will not exceed $300,000.00. The first phase includes these three areas: electrical improvements, platform remodeling, and FOH (Front of House, located in the balcony) cabinetry.

Q. Will the church be going into debt for this remodel?

No, the church will only proceed with the remodeling as cash becomes available. This is why we divided up the project into phases. 

Q. Why do we need to upgrade the electrical systems of the sanctuary?

The electrical system does not meet the needs of our current worship and event services. It is drastically inadequate for the audio/lighting/computer equipment as well as the electrical instruments used. Phase 1 will provide for clean, uninterruptible power to the balcony area where we have our FOH (Front of House) controls, to the platform area as well as electrical power for future audio equipment. 

Q. Why do we need to upgrade the platform?

There are several reasons to upgrade the platform area. The outlets for electricity and audio are inadequate and misplaced. The platform area is too confining for our current worship needs with both choir, orchestra, vocal teams and band. The organ is in a pit-like area which prevents proper sight lines of the organist to the conductor. The modesty railing separates the choir from the platform in a way that is confining and restricts movement of vocalists from the loft to the front platform area. There is temporary foldable staging in use that can be a danger as well as squeaks constantly.

Q. What is included in the FOH cabinetry?

Currently the Front of House is furnished by folding tables propped up on concrete blocks. There is an unsightly array of cabling and equipment and very little storage. This upgrade will furnish new clean, uninterruptible power to the area, new cabinetry to provide a clean well-kept look and a level area on the balcony floor. 


Q. Will we lose any seating in the upgrade?

No. The seating will remain the same both in the balcony and in the main floor. The platform will be remodeled to be a few inches taller but will retain the same footprint from the steps to the front pew. 


Q. What is the schedule for the sanctuary? Will we be out of the sanctuary?

The sanctuary will be closed beginning on Sunday, May 19th. Through Phase 1, we will meet for worship in the Warehouse, and we'll continue to have both our 8:30 am and 11 am services.


Q. What are the phases?

Phase 1 is Electrical, Platform remodel and FOH Cabinetry. The next phases are interchangeable depending on cash flow, contractor availability and equipment costs.

  • Audio Phase – installation of new speakers, amps and other equipment.

  • Platform Lighting Phase – installation of new lighting which will illuminate the platform properly for both regular services and special programs. This includes new shutters on the windows to provide for control of ambient lighting. 

  • House Lighting Phase – installation and conversion of house lighting to LED

  • Video Phase – this includes the installation of new cameras and screens in the sanctuary. The new cameras will provide for an enhanced experience for both overflow and off-campus viewing.

  • Foyer Phase – remodel to provide an updated greeting area for both guests and members alike. 

  • Miscellaneous – attic insulation, outside window coverings, paint, carpet, ceiling texture, pew renovation and more.