Welcoming Delisha Lacey


“It was the first time I prayed for weeks about something without consulting the world for their opinion.” 

As of October 16, Delisha Lacey is FBC’s brand-new Creative Learning Center Director after nearly eleven years of teaching special education. When, as a CLC parent, she got Karen Graham’s retirement letter, Delisha texted her to tell her how sad she was. She also asked about the qualifications required for the position for a friend, and Karen responded by asking if Delisha was planning on applying. “It was the first time I prayed for weeks about something without consulting the world for their opinion,” she said, “and, looking back over the last year, I can see so clearly God preparing me for this.”

Delisha grew up in Golden, Mississippi, with parents Pat and Mary Horn and brother Alex. Alex is now a forestry and wildlife major at Mississippi State University after serving in the National Guard for five years, and her dad manages a saw mill in Fulton, Mississippi, and still lives in Golden with her mom, Mary. She fondly remembers camping at Tishomingo State Park as a kid, as well as her parents’ Christian influence, imparting of a strong work ethic, and dedication to their family. Even when her dad worked twelve-hour days, they never missed a meal around the dinner table together. She went to school in Belmont, where head start through seniors in high school were all on one campus. While there, she was a cheerleader for seven years, served as a peer counselor, worked at Big Star grocery store, and won homecoming queen. 

In 2003, Delisha graduated with a class of 65 students and went on to work as a dental assistant for a couple of years, reflecting that she needed that time to grow up before going to school. After struggling some with comprehension in the classroom as a child and deciding that she wanted to do something that allowed her to love on families, Delisha elected to study special education at Mississippi State. She remarked, “my favorite kids are the ones who struggle just a little, whether it be socially, behaviorally, or academically, and I always try to see the diamond in the rough because I know each child has something so special to share and teach me.” Upon graduation in 2009, she was honored as one of the first two future special education teachers to receive the Outstanding Teacher Intern Award. 

Delisha spent the next eight and a half years as a special education teacher in Lowndes County, Choctaw County, and Oktibbeha County. In 2012, she won Teacher of the Year at Caledonia Elementary. Also in 2012, she married husband Moultrie Lacey, then a resource officer in Lowndes County, which is how they met. Moultrie has two older daughters named Annah Kate (13) and Palmer (9). “I fell in love with them and often refer to them as my heart medicine! I am now a bonus mom to them, and they are my gifts and my bonus girls who I love as my own!” Originally from Nebraska, Moultrie is now a detective with the Oktibbeha County Sherriff’s Department. Delisha’s favorite things about him are his love for the Lord, dedication to their family, and passion for people. They were married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and she continued to work in Lowndes County for a few more years. Then, two years ago, Delisha started working at the central office of Starkville Public Schools in Student Support Services as a traveling special education teacher providing support to homebound students, daycares, and private schools. Moultrie and Delisha are licensed foster parents in Mississippi and have fostered three children in their home. 

One year ago, the Laceys joined the Golden Triangle’s Celebrate Recovery. Delisha emphasizes that CR is not just for addictions, but for all hurts, habits, and hang-ups and anyone looking to work through character issues. As a person with no addictions who grew up with great parents and a stable home-life, Delisha didn’t think she would get much out of attending. However, she says that their home and marriage have been restored, and they have been able to give and receive love, encouragement, and mentoring as to how to have a godly marriage. After completing the step-study she is currently working through, Delisha will be a servant-leader which will help her better minister to broken women through their hurt while sharing the love of Christ. 

Delisha said that she is “so excited to be here and to be a part of the FBC and CLC families,” and she is excited about the opportunity to love on parents through their kids. FBC is blessed to have such a God-centered, servant-hearted woman filling Karen Graham’s very qualified shoes. If you see her around, be sure to say hello and introduce yourself and thank her for being here to serve the kids of our community in the name of Jesus.