Summer Reading Guide

The allure of the beach used to be rather lost on me. You see I grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and it was as common and every day as going to MSU’s campus. Beaches were always packed with tourists and cars full of chairs, tents, and people’s living rooms to claim their portion of the beach. I really hated going. 

But I moved away and married a woman who loves the beach because she grew up next to a cotton field, not the ocean. One day a few years ago our youth pastor Neil Tullos helped me realize one of the great draws to the beach, reading books. The ability to just sit there with the roar of the ocean, salty breeze, and no pressing to do lists. Sign me up! What was lost on me for so many years was that the beach could be a place of retreat and rest, not just the hustle and bustle of tourists. 

I say all that to encourage you to check out these titles recommended by our staff. They are perfect for the next time you head to the beach or sit down for a lazy summer afternoon. You’ll thank us later.