We're All in This Together

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We're All in This Together

Right off the bat, you may notice something a little unusual about the stories in this issue of Redefined. You see, our first story this month is from FBC Starkville's Associate Pastor of Music and Media, Tom Jenkins. When it came time to title the article, Tom jokingly suggested a song title. Little did he know, I would take this idea much further than he anticipated. Every story in this issue is titled based on a song. It's something a little different and fun, but each title also carries with it a deep personal truth from the stories. It's a good reflection of the work that went into this issue. At times the conversation within is light-hearted and fun, but the topics themselves are personal and moving. Just like a good song, these stories should move you. You'll read about Tom Jenkins' journey to recovery after heart surgery, and get insights into life after a significant medical procedure. It's important to note: a successful heart surgery is only the first milestone in a lifelong journey. Next, you'll read about FBC Starkville's Bereavement Ministry and the difficult and immensely rewarding work of coming alongside families in their time of need. Finally, you'll read an insightful profile on Holly Fron, her service within her Community Group, and what drives her to be a steadfast help to those in need around her. Ultimately, I hope you'll come away from this issue, realizing two fundamental truths:

1. If you are in need, you are not alone.

FBC Starkville is full of people who may have walked in your shoes; people that can cook you a meal, give you advice, and lend a listening ear. There are people around you that care

2. If you want to help others, there are opportunities to do that here.

A church is like a family. FBC Starkville is no different. You'll read about some specific opportunities to help others in this issue, but I would encourage you: become a part of a community within FBC Starkville. That may be as simple as attending a Community Group on Sundays, or you could go one step further and join a D/Group. These groups will allow you to come alongside others and face the challenges of life together.

Remember, we're all in this together.

Joshua Rodgers