Sanctuary/AVL Renovation FAQs

FAQs Regarding Sanctuary/AVL Renovation

  1. Why is this a “Sanctuary/AVL renovation”?  I thought this was just an AVL project. Last year, we voted as a church to hire Clark Co. from Atlanta, GA, to do a study of our AVL (audio-visual-lighting) needs and to draw a plan for implementing their recommendations. From that, we learned that, because of the age of our sanctuary, we would need to do some renovations in order to accomplish the suggestions. This includes such things as electrical systems, stage renovation, changes in house lights, etc.
  2. So why are we even considering these renovations at all? In short, our current AVL equipment is hanging on by a thread. Some of it doesn’t work anymore, and what does work constantly gives us problems. Most of our equipment is at least 20 years old, and some is 30 years old—well beyond the normal life cycles—which is a credit to Tom and our Technical Ministries team for troubleshooting and making it work.
  3. I remember there being talk about doing AVL work in stages.  Now there’s talk about consolidating the stages into one. Why? The reasons to do it all at once are money savings and time efficiency. Most of the cost of the project is in the first phase because that’s where the support work is done.  All of the phases require scaffolding in the sanctuary. Therefore, it’s more cost efficient to only scaffold the sanctuary one time to do all the work. There’s no way around the project causing interruptions to Sunday mornings. Instead of interrupting the sanctuary three different times, we feel it’s best to interrupt only once.
  4. How much will all this cost?  The short answer is that we don’t know yet. However, Pryor & Morrow has given us an estimate of around $2 million, including fees, for the entire project. Of course, we won’t know a final number until bids have been received.
  5. Good gracious!  What’s included in the $2 million? The consolidated work will include a new audio system, new lighting systems including both house and platform lighting, a renovated platform area for choir, orchestra, and pastor, new LED video screens, new front-of-house (where sound operator sits in balcony) area, all the electrical and construction work that needs to be done to prepare the building for these upgrades, and some cosmetic updates (paint, carpet, etc).  Remember, the $2 million is only an estimate.
  6. If we proceed, when will the work be done? Summer of 2018. The summer months are our lowest attendance months because most of our university students are back home. We are hearing that the project will take 3 months to complete. The deadline we have given Pryor & Morrow is August 1. Therefore, we will probably begin worship services in the Warehouse gym by the first of May.
  7. Will this renovation add seats to the sanctuary? Unfortunately, no. 
  8. So what am I actually voting on? This vote on October 8, is really just to make sure everybody is on the same page. A “yes” vote on the 8th does not mean that the project will happen. This vote is only a recommendation to consolidate the three phases into one and to task Pryor & Morrow to begin the bid process with the contractors. From there, the committee will choose the “best bid” to present to the church for a final vote.