Summer Moments

Josh First Word Graphic.png

Summer is here, and with it comes a new season of travel, cook-outs, long days, and warm nights. Each year, the winds of change bring our seasons and with them; they bring new experiences, new people, and new opportunities. This year is no different, and the winds of change have been blowing just a bit more than I've personally experienced in quite some time.

If you haven't met me yet, you can call me Josh. In May, I accepted God's call to become your new Director of Communications. My family and I are excited to join FBC Starkville in their mission to reach this incredible community. I pray that God will use me to effectively communicate the vision, direction, and leadership of the staff here at FBC Starkville as we reach out to our community and the world around us.

Speaking of those winds of change, summer can be an interesting time of year, and this issue of Redefined will reflect that. It's often a time of vacation, relaxation, and rest, but in the midst of those moments, there's also times of travel, transition, and change.

In this issue, you'll find some great suggestions for books or podcasts to listen to in those times of rest (or if you're like me, you can listen to your podcasts and books while you drive). You'll hear about our most recent mission trip to South Asia and the winds of change that are happening in that region. You'll find some great suggestions for recipes to cook at this particular time of year. Finally, we've taken the time to include a guidebook for this year's Summer Study, Eternity is Now in Session, by John Ortberg. We've added this to remind you that chief among what is crucial to man, is rest. Rest was essential for God in creation, and He made it a necessary part of our lives. During this busy season, make time to rest and return to God's word so that He can rejuvenate you. We hope that this year's Summer Study will help provide you with some rest and rejuvenation this summer.

The final word that I'll leave you in this first word is this: don't become so consumed in the change of this summer season that you miss the moments that God gives us each day. Read books. Cook great food. Travel the world, if you can. However, remember that the moments in-between are often God's most precious gift to us.

Joshua Rodgers