Finding Community at Warehouse Church


Summer will soon be coming to a close, and we will be easing back into routine days. I am hoping that you will be encouraged by these words to include a couple of things in that routine, or maybe even try a different routine than you are used to. 

I am so excited about the re-launch of Warehouse Worship into Warehouse Church, a brand new FBC Starkville campus! I fell in love with this small, intimate service last year and intend to continue attending this year. To be honest, I’ve had a hard time properly dressing myself this summer for a Sunday morning service! It requires more effort than I’m willing to give during my lazy days off. I am such a fan of the “come as you are,” casual attire. The laid-back feel and the closeness of the setting is refreshing and makes a great start to my week. Curtis Prehn, a Warehouse Church attendee, states that the “relaxed atmosphere is a lot more inviting.” Personally, I have to agree with him, and so does Daniella Harrison, also an attendee: “I love the atmosphere of Warehouse Church because it feels like I am walking into a welcoming community!” Community is definitely something that I, too, have gained from consistently attending. 

When the afternoon service started, a new community group was added on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm. Previously, I was attending a community group alone on Sunday mornings. Bobby, my husband, could never participate with me due to work duties. When I began to hear talk of a new group forming, I felt that God was calling me (and Bobby – he just didn’t know it yet) to lead a group. This was very scary for me because I didn’t want to say yes. I didn’t want to make that huge commitment to show up every single Wednesday night. I’m a 100% introvert – I do not feel like being around people all the time. I wondered, "How am I supposed to build relationships, make people feel welcome, facilitate discussion, and lead anyone over the age of seven?" I teach and talk to small children for a living, not adults. 

Excuses. These are all lame excuses when you consider all of the ways that God used ordinary people in the Bible and the miracles that are so evident in scripture. I mean, if Moses’s sister was brave and bold enough to approach Pharaoh’s daughter in an effort to save his life then surely I could enter into community with the people around me.  

It took a while for me to mention it to Bobby, and when I did, he didn’t jump on board immediately. After weeks of discussion, we came to an agreement that we felt led to facilitate and be a part of this new group. This was exciting for me for several reasons, but one being that I would get to attend community group WITH MY HUSBAND. Even if we had to lead it, at least we would get to do it together. And here we are a year later - so thankful that we committed to this group.  

We have built relationships with others in our group. We have new friends because of this group – I mean heart friends – the kind who come over once a week for a baking night and talk about the easy things, the funny things, the hard things, share podcasts, mess up the kitchen, and eat brownies at 10:30 at night. Bobby and a couple of the other guys started a D-Group, and they are committed. They meet weekly, for 3 HOURS AT A TIME to ask each other hard questions, memorize scripture, and catch up on life. 

Community can be a scary thing. It can be scary because, if done right, it means being vulnerable and letting people in. It’s a hard thing to commit to in the midst of our busy, calendar-packed lives. It can very easily be the thing that gets pushed aside, or that falls to the bottom of our priority list. However, I believe that if we commit to being in community, living life and making ourselves known, then from that can come conviction, comfort, and encouragement. We weren’t designed to live life alone and in isolation. So I encourage you if you haven’t already found a community group, that you would do that this Sunday. Even if you have tried groups and haven’t been successful yet, don’t give up. It’s okay to try a group, decide it’s not for you, and then try another one. We have one couple in our group who searched persistently for over a year before finding the right group, and she gives this advice to anyone looking: “Keep pressing in! It can be challenging, but it’s worth it to find the group of people you can be stirred up by.” Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.” Consider this your invitation to find community both in worship and in community group. I know we would love to see you on Wednesday nights starting August 8 at 6:00 pm for community group or on Sundays during Warehouse Church beginning August 26 at 4:00 pm.


Savannah D'Alessandro