Infertility Ministry

If you are currently walking through infertility or have in the past, we want you to know you are not alone, that we are here, and want to walk with you on this journey. We have a Female Only support group that meets on the first Sunday of the month at 3:00 pm on the 2nd Floor of the Children's Building in room 211.

Did you know that 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility today?

Due to the shame and embarrassment typically associated with infertility, often times these couples struggle in silence without a support system.  This was true for my husband and I for the first few years of our journey.  And then, a pastor friend very graciously reminded us that if we weren’t sharing our burdens with the church, then we weren’t allowing the church to be the church.  At that point, we began to open up about our struggle and what we found was that it was very liberating because we no longer had to carry our burden by ourselves.  For those of you who currently find yourself on this journey with us, it is our desire for you to not walk it alone.  If you and your spouse are struggling with infertility and you are fighting the battle alone, please do not suffer in silence any longer.  If you would like to talk to someone who has also walked this path, please visit this link and someone will set up a meeting to talk with you.  

In addition, we are in the process of beginning a ministry for those struggling with infertility and/or have experienced miscarriages.  If you are interested in being a part of helping develop this new ministry, please visit this link and click on “I would like to help with this ministry”.

*This is not a counseling service.