Sunday School

  • Sundays at 9:45 am
    Preschoolers learn foundational Biblical truths while building friendships with others.

Worship Service Care

  • Sundays at 8:30 & 11:00 am
    During our Sunday morning worship services, we provide childcare and learning for children birth – pre-kindergarten age.

Sunday Nights during Seasonal Studies

    5:30 pm | Children's Building 1st Floor
    Meet in the Preschool Department for a time of playing, learning, and growing in God’s love.

Wednesday Nights

  • All-Stars
    While adults are enjoying discipleship activites at church, preschooler children have their own opportunity for growth. All-Stars combines a little bit of singing and basic music skills, a little bit of missions and missionary stories, a little bit of Bible learning and crafts, and a whole lot of fun! Check-in begins at 5:40 pm.

Preschool (Birth – K/5)

Our Purpose in Preschool Ministry

  • Love little children for who they are

  • Model Christ’s love to little children

  • Teach little children in a manner that speaks to their needs and abilities

  • Include little children in God’s kingdom work

  • Help parents pass our faith onto their little children

Today, we call the “little children” from Matthew 19:13-14–Preschoolers.  As such, we at FBC strive to show them God loves them in ways that they can understand.  These ways include: meeting their basic needs, appreciating their energy and sense of wonderment, engaging their senses, and developing a relationship with both them and their families.  Through play, music and singing, learning games, arts and crafts, simple Bible stories and Bible verses, and mission projects, we strive to help preschoolers learn foundational truths that will become the building blocks for a lifetime of knowing and loving God.


  • Please check-in your preschooler at the Welcome Desk, where a sticker label will be generated. Please place the sticker on your child’s back. Retain the parent label and show it to your child’s teacher upon picking them up. On Wednesday nights, please wait in 1st floor foyer until check-in times so that CLC has time to dismiss their children.

  • Parents (or another adult designated by a parent) are the only ones allowed to pick-up and drop-off preschoolers. Preschoolers will not be released to older siblings. You must show parent label to pick up your child.

  • Only parents dropping off babies and crawlers will be allowed into these rooms.

  • If your child needs you, we will text you to come to the Preschool Department. Please carry your cell phone.

  • On-Premises Rule: Parents of preschoolers are expected to be at the Church during preschool program times (e.g. Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night). Unless preschooler are being cared for during a special parent outing event.


Please make sure that your child is free from illness before bringing them to the Preschool Department. This means that children are free from fever or any symptoms of illness for at least 24 hours prior to coming to church.


If your child has an allergy, or is potty training you can pick a sticker up at the preschool welcome desk alerting our volunteers to your child’s special needs.


Crying because of separation anxiety is normal for preschool children.  We will work with both you and your child to ensure that your child has a positive experience in the Preschool Department.  However, if your child is inconsolable for more 15 minutes after drop-off, we will contact you and have you pick him or her up.

Steps to Enjoying FBC Preschool

1. Take your child to the restroom before class.

2. Arrive 15 minutes before class or worship.

3. Label all of your child’s personal belongings.

4. Babies-Crawlers: Fill out an info sheet every Sunday. Have bottles of formula pre-made.

5. Leave all personal toys at home.

6. Assure your child that you will return and release them quickly to the teacher. 

(Separation anxiety is normal. Waiting around or checking on your child only makes things more difficult.)

7. Make sure that your child has eaten a meal BEFORE bringing them to church. 

(We will give babies their bottles, and older preschoolers will be given a light snack. We will not, however, be able to feed your child a meal.)