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Using The Small Moments With Your Kids

Growing up, my family took some pretty epic vacations – from visiting Disney World to going to various major league baseball stadiums across the country, our summers were always guaranteed to include one week away from home experiencing new places and meeting new people. While I look back fondly at those memories, what I value more now...

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Looking for a new morning devotion? Planning for some upcoming holiday free time and need a good book to read? While Starkville is replete with places to buy MSU gear and trinkets for your home, one thing we don’t have is a dedicated Christian bookstore. In fact, one of the closest places to go to find one...

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Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. And the list goes on and on and on. Those are only a handful of the social media apps that we peruse and post to on a daily basis. That list doesn’t include any of the countless other apps for games, recipes, shopping, entertainment, etc. that aid and often bombard our everyday lives. We live in a society that is constantly... 

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